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Our Vision for the Community

It’s not complicated. We were built for you. We believe in this community, our community, so much, that we created a place just for you. We built our gym because we believe the extraordinary will happen here. Not, can happen here, but will happen here. We will not forfeit the extraordinary because we believe in you and in this gym. We not only want to transform our little town, we want to transform you. We want to create a place where people feel at home and supported through it all. Of course we believe in physical transformation, but what we believe in more is internal transformation. We want to make you strong, on the inside and the outside.  We have big dreams for this little town. We hope you will join us.

Our Story

It all began 10 years ago…Jeff and Eric met at a gym (go figure). It was like divine intervention, like the stars aligned.  Little did these two know, that 10 years later their conversations about their dream of building a gym would come true.  Not only did their dream start to come true, they happened to find a group of people, one at a time, who believed like they did.  Whatever doubt they may have had, started to disappear. It’s like the pieces fell into place one by one.  This gym was meant to be.

Meet Our Staff & Trainers


Tina Jones

Fitness Instructor 


Sandy Branch

Personal Trainer

Kira .jpg

Kira Eason


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