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Many! Here are some tips to prepare you.

Guest Post by Michelle Walch of Walch Communication

The weather is warming up and it's time to hit the trail! Hiking is a fun activity and great exercise. Been awhile since your last outing? Are you including older members of your family? Take time to get ready.

Tips for a safe outing:

  • Research trails. Find a trail that is suitable for your ability. Go here to learn more.

  • Physically prepare: Walking 20 minutes a day is a good gentle cardio work out.

  • Wear appropriate shoes.

  • Bring water and food.

  • Wear sunscreen.

  • Wear layered clothing.

  • Bring a map.

  • Always tell someone when and where you are going.

Physical, emotional well-being for seniors and their families

Hiking can be great for seniors (read this blog post in A Place For Mom). Not just for physical health, but emotional well being. Doing outdoor activities can be a great shared experience. Everyone enjoys being in a beautiful setting together, as well simply being together. Preparing for your outing reduces stress.

Find a group to go with

Don’t want to go on an adventure on your own? Join a group of hikers. Find a group who cater to seniors, and know the trails. Check out this list of Oregon hiking groups at Oregon Hikers: If walking is more your speed, check out Oregon Walks:

NW Fitness & Strength’s Cecily Rose and her daughter and mom hiked 100 miles in 2018: "Getting out in nature is rejuvenating and healing for souls of any age!” 

Cecily describes her family’s life changing hiking trips in 2018: “For three generations (ages 11, 37, and 73), to see the same beauty and enjoy the gorgeous scenery is a gift for each one of us. I had just purchased the book "Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon: A Guide to the State's Best Waterfall Hikes."  My desire was to teach my newly adopted daughter that she was indeed capable of doing things like climbing big hills and gaining a healthy endurance. The joy that came blessed all three generations as we all overcame obstacles, and tackled endurance with grit and gumption.

“Building our foundation for setting out on hikes took place with regular workouts at NW Fitness and Strength. We all enjoyed group fitness classes including REFIT, Family Fit Night, and Zumba. Together we've visited over twenty Oregon Waterfalls, all worth the miles. Pictured is one of our most favorite hikes to Dry Creek Falls, a part of the Pacific Crest Trail, that gifted us with the scenery and told a story of beauty from ashes.  After the Eagle Creek Fire that destroyed much of the Columbia Gorge in the 2017 this area was once again thriving with new growth and gorgeous greenery.  This educational hike provided a life lesson about resilience and rising back up after hard times.  All three of us felt different after this hike, like we were just let in on a secret of life that we could always treasure.”

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